It’s easy to be overwhelmed when ordering in. It is easier still to be disappointed when, after an hour pouring over Zomato, what arrives at your doorstep is lots of bright red Chinjabi, and not the pan-Asian repast you were dreaming of. Lucky for us, Noshi deliver on their promises.

Noshi, loosely translated from Japanese to mean “good wishes,” we’ve certainly got fond wishes for this kitchen. Run by husband-wife duo Varun and Prarthna Tuli (yes, the ones who gave us The Yum Yum Tree and Yum Yum Cha), Noshi takes their restaurant-quality offerings, package them up real nice in cool, pastel-hued boxes (that we repurpose for all sorts of things, and that we now have too many of if we’re honest), and have become our go-to’s for super fresh sushi and dimsum.
Familiar and decidedly fresh, you can choose from their single, triple and hexa boxes to create a pick-and-mix of exactly the right mix of little nibbles. We particularly rate their crystal duck parcels and the sashimi drizzled in truffle oil (seriously delish). If you’re after a bigger meal, they also do all manner of warm, coconutty curries, wok-tossed meat and veg, and bowls of soup, ramen, and other noodles. If the pictures weren’t indication enough, we went a bit nuts with this order, tucking into delicate pink crab, prawn and chive and edamame and truffle dim sum, buttery tuna sashimi, and bright hanna and rainbow sushi rolls. The coffee-glazed pork ribs are destined for multiple repeat orders, ridiculously treacly and tender, and we ate that basil chilli rice and those spicy long beans for lunch, and then again for dinner.
Fans of The Yum Yum Tree (may she rest in peace) will remember the cheesecake, and the Tuli’s have sensibly revived their greatest hit here. If you’ve got room, the blueberry cheesecake, with its silken cream cheese and crunchy graham crackers, are well worth popping a button for.
They were kind, and shared two of their simpler recipes with us, worth attempting the next time you need to impress. Their super-simple vegetables in hot yellow curry here, and their fuss-free Thai lemon fish, here.

For the full range, and to place an order, find them at