Thai lemon fish

We love Noshi. Read more about this fresh Asian delivery service here, but we coerced the lovely folk at the helm to share a couple of recipes with us to attempt at home. We’re leaving the sushi to their chef, but this fish fillet, steamed to perfection with the right dose of tart, spice and aromats, is something we think we can manage, and that we’d like for mealtimes, anytime.
You will need:
250 grams of fish fillet
A bunch of galangal
A bunch of lemongrass
A sprig of kaffir lime leaves
A bunch of coriander leaves
20 grams of basil leaves
A bunch of red bell pepper
A quarter cup of nam chim sauce (Thai dipping sauce, readily available at most food stores)
A couple spoonfuls of chilli oil
Coat the fish fillet with the Thai Herbs (galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves) and steam in a steamer for 5-7 minutes. In a add in the coriander, basil and red pepper. Take a wok, heat oil and chilli oil and pour over the coriander, basil and red pepper. Place the cooked fish on that and then pour hot nam chim sauce over and serve.

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