Architectural Digest

March April Issue

It was last May when Raul Rai first spoke of working on a new brand, with the same Indian craftsmanship genes as Good Earth‐of which his wife Simran Lal is CEO–but still entirely different in spirit and aesthetics. Almost a year after that first mention, Nicobar is ready for its launch this month in Mumbai. While it wouldn’t be fair or accurate to compare the two sister brands, it is difficult to ignore the contrast. Like the quiet child of a hippy mother, Nicobar is soft and contemporary where Good Earth is spirited and full of nostalgic whimsy.

As the notes on the brand states: “Our Indianness exists as an undercurrent; it is our way of perceiving the world. It is what gives us our own voice. We weld the richness of India’s heritage with rigour of contemporary design.” Nicobar, with its travel‐inspired name, features home, fashion and travel accessories, and it is for consumers who like well‐crafted, minimalist objects. Its aesthetic is well‐considered and brilliantly timed for a changing taste of the new Indian consumer, whose home is likely to be a mix of the local and the global. If you’re looking for elegant Indian home accessories, you know where to find them.