Lifestyle design studio Nicobar debuts in Mumbai

NICOBAR, A LIFESTYLE design studio showcasing a contemporary collection of clothing, home and travel products, was recently launched in Kala Ghoda Mumbai. Nicobar, with a focus on effortless living is being introduced by the family that created Good Earth. The retail vision of co‐founders Simran Lal and Raul Rai, Nicobar explores a new design vocabulary, and is inspired by the journeys across the Indian Ocean and its namesake paradise. With a design and colour theme that centres on relaxing whites, earthy neutrals, modern visual merchandising and fun pops of tropical greens, the store blends global ideas with local colour, fabric and tastes. The home collection is a chic, contemporary line of glass and stoneware, slate and marble accessories, as well as crisp, organic cotton and jute.