How we wear it: Dresses for spring

„I feel very feminine and fun in this outfit, and realized I could wear it with any kind of shoes, which is a relief. I love the chanderi, it’s versatile and easy to wear – the kind of dress that draws attention, but not too much. I move around a lot and don't like clothes that stifle, so this dress was perfect for me.
„I loved the colour and the cut of this dress. Normally I wear trendier pieces, but I felt this boxy, calf-length dress looked brilliant. I really like the feel of the fabric – it’s so lightweight.
„This look is effortlessly cool, and practical. I like wearing dresses more than pants, and the cut of this dress is somewhere between fit and anti-fit, which is my kind of style. I like how it can be teamed with sporty shoes and made to look casual. The neckline would work for any frame – it’s flirty, but not too revealing.
„This wrap dress is feminine and easy to wear at the same time. I love the fall of the fabric, and the way it fits me. Being very petite, I like a little bit of volume, and this dress was very flattering! It’s perfect for a nice, sunny spring day.