Bon Voyage!

Sorry, we’re having a hard time hearing you over the din of roaring engines. There’s an airplane parked on the tarmac and we are getting on it. Yep, we’ve got itchy feet, and whether we’re doing a short hop for a meeting, a longer stretch for a getaway, or just leaving winter behind for some summer preview, we’ve already sorted our outfits.

The long-ass-haul
For this one, comfort is first, second, and third. Yes, comfort is key. We like soft layers that we can pile on or off when needed, and that’ll allow us to pretzel into a sleep-friendly position as required. Make bales of soft jersey your best friend. We like to head to the airport lounge in these Jinan slouchy trousers, topped with our soft terry Dorimo blazer and the appropriately monikered Vapor cami. We like our legs to be fluid, and our arms cocooned. Plus the Noto bag, with its artist styling, is roomy enough for a hefty stash of in-flight reading, headphones and all those other odds and ends. We’re ready for several hours air-borne.
The cold-to-hot getaway
We call this one a “here’s-my-jacket-where’s-my-piña-colada” flight. Whether it’s hunkering down with broth right before, or greeting the sun in a different time zone right after, preparation is key. We like to pair Mayu trousers in billowy cotton with an easy-wearing kimono top (layered over a solid, and versatile, white tank). That’s the co-ord set of our dreams. Shed that layer as soon as you touch down and walk straight to the nearest beach bar.

The straight-to-meeting hop
Going from airport to meeting requires comfort and style, so put away your tracksuits please. This one needs to be easy on the eyes, and easier on early starts that these often involve. We’re always partial to a bit of print-on-print, which is why we’re piling a shirtdress over a chic, stripey top with high-low hem and shorts. That’s checks on stripes on stripes, plus enough leg to keep things interesting, but enough high-low action to ensure appropriateness at your meeting. Add one messenger bag and you are good to go.

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