The Nehru Jacket

We’d love to have a classic style named after us.
Off the top of our heads, we can think only of three styles named for the characters who wore them: the Mackintosh, the Peter Pan collar (never mind that one’s fictional), and the Nehru jacket. And here at Nicobar we’re putting a little spin on the classic Nehru Jacket that we suspect would’ve gotten Pt. Jawaharlal’s nod of approval.
Vogue featured Jawaharlal Nehru on its pages wearing his namesake jacket in 1964, and that was its kick-off into popular culture. The Nehru jacket was initially a style reserved for the gentlemen, but as self-expression evolved so did the style, and the look’s been adopted by women (think former policewoman Kiran Bedi) as well as younger boys.
Defined by a circular stand-up collar, a long placket of buttons running from collar to hem, and an overall length longer than traditional Western jackets, the Nehru Jacket sits in for a straightforward waistcoat, or swaps out an outer layer with equal ease. Work it as a wedding outfit, or teamed with a simple flannel shirt for lunch al fresco, and always jazz it up with a pocket square for a little flourish.