The sweet spot

This trend’s coming in hot. You’ve likely already tripped over the word on your social feeds and wondered how to say it: hyy-guh? Higg? All wrong. Hygge is pronounced hoo-gah, and refers to a Danish state of living that loosely translate to “coziness.” Of course it comes from the Scandi’s, but to be honest, with their design chops, we’re happy to follow in their wake. In essence it refers to manifesting those feelings of snuggly-ness, or warmth and cuddles, in your home. Hygge is putting on your comfiest clothing and lounging around like a chic, fuzzy thing with your favourite throw draped around your shoulders while lovely music plays in the background and smells of delicious home cooking waft from the kitchen. Hygge is living the dream.

Winter might be well on its way out, but we’re mostly adopting the idea of staying in and gathering our nearest and dearest for a lush hang. We’re making this real with soft weaves, lovely jewel tones, and we’re still working on those wafting aromas, bear with us.

Hygge meets Scandinavia
In seafoam, Columbia green and azure blues, our Zanzibar handloom throw is great when placed against cool Scandinavian design elements. Pure silk yarn nestles comfortably against your choice of seating arrangement to complement that steaming cup of coffee.
Hygge meets Bohemia
Hygge is best against the backdrop of a snowstorm and raging fireplace, but it’s the vibe we’re after, not the weather. Set against reverb-drenched tunes of Bonobo and the sound of the kettle boiling, we’re draping our Tangier handloom throw over the settee whilst settling in ourselves with all the books we’ve neglected this winter just past. Pair with cushions, as many as possible, and candles that light the place up like Christmas day.